"Our son has been taking classes at Elizabethtown Kung Fu for several weeks now and he is absolutely loving it. It's physically challenging but also mentally calming for him. He is more disciplined and dare I say more mature. The classes are genuine, and the instruction (for my 10 year old) is perfectly age appropriate. I would recommend Elizabethtown Kung Fu to anyone looking for an enriching after school/work activity!"

- Philip H.

"I joined to gain focus but I soon learned that improved health, balance, and strength also followed. Learning Kung Fu has improved my every day life more than I can mention and I've only been doing it for two months......I can't wait to see where I am after three."

- Bryan B.

"If you're looking for a place to learn martial arts Elizabethtown Kung Fu Center is the place to go. Owner and head instructor Shen Shung Rothermel is excellent. He breaks down every strike, kick, stance and block in a way that is conducive to learning. I have been training here since September and have been impressed with my progress. Stop in and try the introductory class; you will be happy you did!"

- Ray G.

"This system is the real deal. You will train your mind and body and see progress in surprising ways. For children and adults, Pai Lum Kung Fu fosters confidence, challenging physical accomplishments, and provides the ability to defend yourself. I have done other styles of martial arts and Elizabethtown Kung Fu provides a great mix of practicality and tradition. If you want to learn kung fu in a thorough manner and train both internally and externally, then this school is for you. I highly recommend this growing school!"

- Brad D.

"I’m an older gentleman with 40+ years of martial arts training.  I joined the Tai Chi Chuan class at the E-town Kung Fu center to refresh my knowledge of the Form and to regain the connection that comes from practicing Tai Chi with others. I’ve been very pleased with the dedication and sincerity of our teacher, Shen Shung Rothermel, as well as the focus and eagerness of my fellow students. If you have even an inkling that you’d like to see and experience what Tai Chi is please know that Tai Chi is for Everyone! Young or Old, strong or struggling, Tai Chi will show you a New You!"

- Bill H.

"My son LOVES taking classes at Elizabethtown Kung Fu. He's more confident, stronger, and proud of himself and what he's learning. The instruction is genuine, focused, and age appropriate. I'd recommend E-town Kung Fu to anyone!"

- Rachael H.

"Shen Shung Rothermel is an excellent teacher with decades of training. I highly recommend the Tai Chi class for anyone looking to learn a martial art that will improve your mental and physical health."

- Nick S.

"For many years, I have practiced my own freestyle fighting techniques and am nothing short of thrilled with the classes offered at Elizabethtown Kung Fu Center. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn how to clear the mind, feed the soul and develop a healthy body, this is the place to do it."

- Mike N.

"This is a real Kung-Fu school with meditation, forms, drills, theory, and practical application of a unique style. The instructor is focused on his craft and sharing his physical, mental, and spiritual knowledge. You watch him and know he could easily destroy you, but would never do so because he has cultivated a wisdom lacking in many modern 'bro' fighter clubs. So much of this school brought me right back to my childhood and it is EXACTLY what you should experience in a traditional martial art. This is the place you go to when you are looking for a long term place in the world where you or your child can take the time you need to not only learn to defend yourself, but also find a sense of calm and inner peace."

- Rob S.

"Shen Shung is a great instructor! Our daughter really loves his classes, and the confidence and strength he teaches the children is priceless. Thanks Shen Shung."

- Adriene M.

"I came here after I was in a partial day hospitalization program for depression six months ago. I was struggling with anger and depression at the time and was looking for a place to be around people. In addition, I was also struggling with the end of a relationship. Most martial arts focus exclusively on physical exercise. This school doesn't. It regularly includes meditation in its classes and stresses the internal martial arts as well as the external. I thought it was an ideal fit to help me with my issues, and it's done a pretty good job of it. It requires patience and dedication though to reap the benefits. If you come in here expecting instabenefits, you're not going to get them. I have found the morning meditation/stretching routine that this school says to implement in your daily life sets my day off right and frees me from feeling anxious or depressed throughout the day. The Tai Chi this school offers is also excellent for mood stabilization."

- Kate G.

I've been training here for almost 5 months and I love it! The style is is a great balance of health, meditation, and fitness. The classes are physically challenging enough to feel like a good workout but not so intense that a completely out of shape person (like me) can't keep up. I never feel like I can't keep up, which gives me the confidence to push harder. Shen Shung Rothermel has a very engaging teaching presence that keeps you focused and motivated. Each new concept is broken down into elementary movements so you never feel like you don't know what you are doing. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone interested in martial arts or getting active!

- Jen G.

"So happy to finally have a Kung Fu center right here in Etown! I love Chinese martial arts especially Kung Fu and have wanted to learn for quite a long time! Very nice place and great instructions at each class! Relaxed atmosphere! Highly suggest checking it out!"

- Jesse M.

"I'm so pleased with the instruction my daughter is receiving at the Elizabethtown Kung Fu Center. I have already seen a positive difference in her confidence and focus. I highly recommend trying the intro class!"

- Erin R.

"I walked into the school because of the day classes. Middle aged, overweight woman. I was so nervous but my 76 yr old mom does it 4x a week - so I had no excuse. This school & these classes CHANGED my life. You learn to take time for yourself, you have to focus, all the outside 'stuff' gets tuned out. The movements are amazing for your body, my back pain was lower tremendously. There is more confidence in me, my walk, my stance, my self. It's not an arrogance, it's deeper than that. Setting goals, meeting them, learning, getting a kick butt workout, and long lean muscles, are all side benefits. It will test you, make you work for it. But when you do, that feeling of accomplishment, is like no other. Sam, the instructor, is awesome. Calm, with a sense of humor. Inspiring as he doesn't stop learning, humble and patient. Very patient! I honestly can't recommend this school enough. I'm moving out of state, but taking with me a love of Kung Fu, and have already lined up some studios to look at. Don't be afraid of change, take an intro class, you will be amazed."

- Jerry F.

"Elizabethtown Kung Fu is an exemplary martial arts school. It is a positive, welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages, backgrounds, and motivations where personal progress is valued and emphasized by Shen Shung Rothermel. I have had some previous experience in another style but it had been almost two decades since I actively trained. All my previous skill, conditioning, and reflexes were gone and I thought of myself as the girl who used to be a black belt once upon a time. I truly started over as a novice beginner, as a nearing 40 woman who couldn't even do two push-ups anymore. After just a few months I already feel stronger and healthier. Beyond the physicality, I've found the mental benefit to be one of the biggest motivators. As an adult with a job that takes multi-tasking to an extreme in a high pressure environment, plus all the other normal day to day adult stresses that divide everyone's attention, I can't emphasize enough the extreme cathartic benefit of being able to focus on exactly one thing at a time during class. One technique. One part of a technique. One breath in, one out. I feel like I can rightfully call myself a martial artist again because of the Elizabethtown Kung Fu Center, as can anyone that takes the chance on themselves and walks in the door. I know I'm glad I did."

- Beth N.

"My daughter started about a month ago. She’s participated in plenty of sports, but this gives her much more. It gives her structure, life-long skills, and values. Already, I see a change in her for the better. In fact, today I received a call from her school to praise some recent behavior in a challenging situation. I’m positive her involvement in Kung Fu has influenced her problem-solving skills. In an effort to be a solid role model for her and improve myself, I’ve recently started classes. I’m definitely not the in-shape Marine I was in 2001, but taking steps to improve. Classes are fantastic and uplifting! It’s not just an activity, rather, it’s a commitment to a lifestyle change. Fantastic instruction in a positive environment!"

- Tara Q.

"A month ago I started taking classes at the Elizabethtown Kung Fu Center. It had been decades since I had a Martial Arts class and this was an attempt to get in shape. The intro class and first class kicked my butt. I was sore and tired, but feeling better. Each week has helped with my strength, conditioning and flexibility. Shen Shung Rothermel is an excellent instructor and motivator. He pushes you to do your best and is thorough in explaining the science of Kung Fu. I can't recommend this place enough and the only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars, is that I'm a tough grader......"

- Rich N.

"The Elizabethtown Kung Fu Center is one of few places in the area to offer Arnis classes (stick & knife fighting). As well as a Tai Chi class that incorporates actual self defense applications along with the traditional stretching and forms. Shen Shung Rothermel is a wonderful instructor and I highly recommend his classes if you're in the market for martial arts training."

- Bob R.

"I enjoy the Tai Chi class at this school very much. A relaxing, meditative, invigorating, health focused way to engage your body, mind, and spirit. This class will help you get relaxed, stretch and strengthen your body, increase coordination, and fortify your spirit. Along the way, you'll build your memory capability and rediscover physical possibilities you forgot you have. A great place to workout."

- Brad L.

"I was nervous starting up in martial arts after 20+ years, but I have to say this school is great! Shen Shung Rothermel is an incredible instructor, and my classmates are friendly and also make me work harder. I'm so glad I was recommended to Etown Kung Fu, it's hard work but so worth the feeling of a workout well done, and it is fun as well! The skills, discipline, as well as learning the history and culture of Pai Lum Kung Fu are incredible lessons. it is highly recommended, and I'll continue going as long as I'm able."

- Michael F.

"Elizabethtown Kung Fu center is excellent. EKF offers a full martial art system strongly rooted in tradition. Each student is trained to improve health, develop positive thinking patterns, and effective self-defense. I know how rare it is to find a Kung Fu school from my many years of experience as a martial artist. Karate schools are a dime a dozen and most have wishy washy systems. Kung Fu schools are more difficult to find than karate schools but they are well worth the search or commute. If you want to learn MA, Elizabethtown Kung Fu is the best choice. Like anything worth attaining: patience, self-discipline, and willingness to develop are elements you should prepare for. I have a black belt in two other MA systems but willingly accept 'starting over' in learning this system because I recognize just how good it is."

- Vandon T.

"I knew I wanted to try Kung Fu before I even went in, but I was also hesitant because I am nearing 65 years old and have ailments from osteoarthritis, lumbar surgery, jaw and hearing issues, osteopenia on my left side and just learned I am facing probable neck surgery in the future. But here I am now with a beginners orange belt and will be testing for the next belt soon. The training we receive has greatly decreased the pain in my hands and shoulders and never thought I could do so many different types of push ups! Shen Shung Rothermel is a fantastic teacher. With patience and kindness, he tries to find ways to help me understand the Kung Fu training and has spent many times after class helping me with my notebook. The school is beautiful inside with a positive atmosphere. If you want to try a martial art, try Kung Fu with Shen Shung Rothermel. Also I enjoy the Tai Chi class on Saturday mornings."

- Fae H.

"Thankful I found this place. Convenient to home and gives me the fitness and structure I was looking for."

- Adrianne M.

"I've been taking classes here for a couple of months, and it is everything I would want in a martial arts school. I'm in my 40's, and had not exercised regularly since I was a teen. The instructor (who is both personable and knowledgeable) pushes us hard, but not harder than we can handle, and I feel like I was able to jump right in. The exercise is definitely showing. I'm gaining strength and flexibility, losing weight, and, unexpectedly, I sleep much better! Benefits of exercise aside, the quality of the subject matter, and the teaching methods, are excellent. The focus is on learning, health, respect, self-confidence, and self defense. In addition to the classes, the school offers special events such as demonstrations of other styles of martial arts, and social events involving students and staff from the other school locations."

- Dave K.

"I took the classes for about a month & have to say they're very conditioning for the body & mind. I greatly enjoyed them. The instructor is very nice & funny, but also serious about teaching Kung Fu, very helpful & extremely knowledgeable. Would recommend the classes to anyone wanting to learn Kung Fu."

- Jeremy A.

"My son is naturally a hyper kid and typically cannot sit still for anything except when he is building his legos. Seeing him enjoy this class that supports structure, self control, self defense, self confidence and a healthy mind/body in one package is priceless. Plus, the kids in his class are fun, friendly, and positive to each other. Evan is shy, but can't wait to make friends! Worth the 50 min drive!!!"

- Cristina N.

"I have been studying at the Elizabethtown Kung Fu Center since September 2016. At 53 years of age, I decided to re-start martial arts training after a long break. I met with the instructor, Shen Shung Rothermel, and saw that the center has the three things I was looking for. First, the instructor teaches Pai Lum Kung Fu full time; this is his only occupation. He continues to train with his instructor. He know his students and adapts to their needs and abilities. Second, the center is well kept and well equipped for training. Finally, the students are a community who are helpful to each other and who want to learn together. Pai Lum Kung Fu offers something for everyone. Study will reveal your strengths and areas for development. Be it strength, balance, coordination, speed, agility, endurance, or memory, everyone will find their own challenges and rise to meet them. Over time, students may see that Kung Fu is more than just physical development. The skills carry over into everyday life in the form of mental focus, confidence, patience and respect for others. Students may notice greater ease of movement, better health, happiness, and reduced stress. Truly, this martial art is something you can start at any age and practice for a lifetime; you never stop learning on this journey. You should check out the Elizabethtown Kung Fu Center for yourself… you may thank yourself 20 years from now!"

- Bill F.

I hold high ranks in multiple forms of martial arts. I then had to take several years off, due to a very severe illness that has left me disabled. Shen Shun Rothermel not only teaches this amazing art, but teaches us health & breathing exercises that help with my pain. White Dragon Kung Fu is the Martial Art style I will never stop practicing. This is one of the main styles Bruce Lee based Jeet Kune Do from. It promotes health, wellness, strong spirit, & it’s for the whole family!

- Matt U.

I took the self defense seminar. What a wonderful place! The instructor was very informative and I learned a lot. Check them out. You won’t regret it!

- Kelly J.

I recently took Kung Fu and found it to be an awesome experience. It was a great environment with an excellent teacher. He was very patient and took his role very seriously. I recommend anyone looking for a something extra in your life, you should try out Kung Fu.

- Josh S.