Testimonials - Beth N.

"Elizabethtown Kung Fu is an exemplary martial arts school. It is a positive, welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages, backgrounds, and motivations where personal progress is valued and emphasized by Shen Shung Rothermel. I have had some previous experience in another style but it had been almost two decades since I actively trained. All my previous skill, conditioning, and reflexes were gone and I thought of myself as the girl who used to be a black belt once upon a time. I truly started over as a novice beginner, as a nearing 40 woman who couldn't even do two push-ups anymore. After just a few months I already feel stronger and healthier. Beyond the physicality, I've found the mental benefit to be one of the biggest motivators. As an adult with a job that takes multi-tasking to an extreme in a high pressure environment, plus all the other normal day to day adult stresses that divide everyone's attention, I can't emphasize enough the extreme cathartic benefit of being able to focus on exactly one thing at a time during class. One technique. One part of a technique. One breath in, one out. I feel like I can rightfully call myself a martial artist again because of the Elizabethtown Kung Fu Center, as can anyone that takes the chance on themselves and walks in the door. I know I'm glad I did."