Testimonials - Fae H.

"I knew I wanted to try Kung Fu before I even went in, but I was also hesitant because I am nearing 65 years old and have ailments from osteoarthritis, lumbar surgery, jaw and hearing issues, osteopenia on my left side and just learned I am facing probable neck surgery in the future. But here I am now with a beginners orange belt and will be testing for the next belt soon. The training we receive has greatly decreased the pain in my hands and shoulders and never thought I could do so many different types of push ups! Shen Shung Rothermel is a fantastic teacher. With patience and kindness, he tries to find ways to help me understand the Kung Fu training and has spent many times after class helping me with my notebook. The school is beautiful inside with a positive atmosphere. If you want to try a martial art, try Kung Fu with Shen Shung Rothermel. Also I enjoy the Tai Chi class on Saturday mornings."