Testimonials - Vandon T.

"Elizabethtown Kung Fu center is excellent. EKF offers a full martial art system strongly rooted in tradition. Each student is trained to improve health, develop positive thinking patterns, and effective self-defense. I know how rare it is to find a Kung Fu school from my many years of experience as a martial artist. Karate schools are a dime a dozen and most have wishy washy systems. Kung Fu schools are more difficult to find than karate schools but they are well worth the search or commute. If you want to learn MA, Elizabethtown Kung Fu is the best choice. Like anything worth attaining: patience, self-discipline, and willingness to develop are elements you should prepare for. I have a black belt in two other MA systems but willingly accept 'starting over' in learning this system because I recognize just how good it is."