Testimonials - Jerry F.

"I walked into the school because of the day classes. Middle aged, overweight woman. I was so nervous but my 76 yr old mom does it 4x a week - so I had no excuse. This school & these classes CHANGED my life. You learn to take time for yourself, you have to focus, all the outside 'stuff' gets tuned out. The movements are amazing for your body, my back pain was lower tremendously. There is more confidence in me, my walk, my stance, my self. It's not an arrogance, it's deeper than that. Setting goals, meeting them, learning, getting a kick butt workout, and long lean muscles, are all side benefits. It will test you, make you work for it. But when you do, that feeling of accomplishment, is like no other. Sam, the instructor, is awesome. Calm, with a sense of humor. Inspiring as he doesn't stop learning, humble and patient. Very patient! I honestly can't recommend this school enough. I'm moving out of state, but taking with me a love of Kung Fu, and have already lined up some studios to look at. Don't be afraid of change, take an intro class, you will be amazed."