Testimonials - Kate G.

"I came here after I was in a partial day hospitalization program for depression six months ago. I was struggling with anger and depression at the time and was looking for a place to be around people. In addition, I was also struggling with the end of a relationship. Most martial arts focus exclusively on physical exercise. This school doesn't. It regularly includes meditation in its classes and stresses the internal martial arts as well as the external. I thought it was an ideal fit to help me with my issues, and it's done a pretty good job of it. It requires patience and dedication though to reap the benefits. If you come in here expecting instabenefits, you're not going to get them. I have found the morning meditation/stretching routine that this school says to implement in your daily life sets my day off right and frees me from feeling anxious or depressed throughout the day. The Tai Chi this school offers is also excellent for mood stabilization."